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Certificate of Achievement

Community Healthcare Navigator

This certificate prepares students for a variety of entry level healthcare navigation employment opportunities. The nature of the work of a navigator will vary based on the organization and/or specialty area in which they are employed. Navigators work to raise awareness of and assist clients and others about access to and use of healthcare resources.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Explain the core values, roles, and responsibilities of a Healthcare Navigator.
  • Identify the socio-economic and cultural factors that impact human health and contribute to healthcare disparities.
  • Apply ethical and legal principles to issues related to healthcare problems.
  • Access information from appropriate sources relevant to contemporary healthcare issues and diseases.
  • Maintain clear and accurate records relevant to agencies and the possible legal needs of the client.
  • Facilitate communication among clients, family members, and healthcare agencies to ensure patient satisfaction and quality care.

Certificate Requirements(16 credits)

Code Name Credits
Major Requirements (16 credits)
HN 101 Introduction to Community Healthcare Navigation 4
HN 115 Communication Skills and Cultural Competence 2
HN 120 Community Healthcare Navigation Internship I 2
HN 201 Advanced Community Healthcare Navigation 4
HN 218 Documentation and Reporting for the Community Healthcare Navigator 2
HN 220 Community Healthcare Navigation Externship II 2

Total Credits 16