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Career Certificate


This Career Certificate is intended for those students interested in securing a clerical/administrative position in the Accounting field. This program also helps those who are interested in adding additional job skills to their resume and background. The Accounting Career Certificate provides students with hands-on instructions with computerized accounting software, taxation, financial analysis, ethical issues in accounting, payroll, etc.

Upon successful completion of the program students will

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the complete accounting cycle, including: analyzing, journalizing, and posting transactions; development of adjusting journal entries and financial statements; closing the company's books; and preparation of a post-closing trial balance.
  • Use Microsoft Excel to develop a payroll schedule showing gross and net income, appropriate payroll deductions, and required employer journal entries.
  • Prepare financial statements.
  • Analyze a company's annual report which includes financial statements.
  • Prepare individual and small business income tax returns.
  • Set up computerized accounting systems including accounts, customers, vendors, jobs, inventory, forms, ledgers, registers, and reporting.
  • Maintain a computerized accounting system.
  • Evaluate business related ethical issues.
  • Prepare written communications for submittal of projects and resolution of ethical issues.


If students test out of CIS 101 or CIS 107, the credits are waived.

General Education Requirements(6 - 9 credits)

Code Name Credits
Communication (3 credits)
EN 101 Composition I 3
Technology (6 - 9 credits)
CIS 125 Microcomputer Software I 3
Choose one (1) of the following courses  (3 - 6 credits)
CIS 101 Computer Concepts and Applications 3
CIS 107 Information Technology Fundamentals and Applications 3

Career Requirements(24 credits)

Code Name Credits
AC 101 Financial Accounting I 3
AC 102 Financial Accounting II 3
AC 203 Accounting Applications using Excel 1
AC 205 Managerial Accounting 3
AC 225 Federal Taxation - Theory and Practice 4
AC 226 Accounting Software Applications 3
AC 251 Accounting Internship 3
AC 295 Accounting Capstone 1
BU 101 Introduction to Business 3

Total Credits 30 - 33