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Associate in Science

Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment

This Degree is a joint program with Rutgers University School of Health Professions in Scotch Plains, NJ. This Degree prepares students to provide services to people with severe and chronic psychiatric disabilities.  The program prepares students to become service providers to assist people in obtaining the skills, support, and resources they will need to achieve success and satisfaction in their living, learning, working, and social environments. The overall goals of this field are promotion of recovery, community integration, and improved quality of life for people coping with psychiatric disabilities. Graduates can transfer all of their credits to Rutgers University Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Psychology.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge of psychiatric rehabilitation principles, models, and evidence-based intervention strategies, as well as an understanding of the symptoms and functional deficits associated with psychiatric disabilities. 
  • Identify community resources that promote wellness and recovery.
  • Demonstrate communication and counseling techniques needed to develop partnerships with service users and assist them in identifying and achieving their recovery goals.
  • Demonstrate the ability to document progress toward recovery goals.
  • Demonstrate group facilitation skills needed to conduct structured skills training and activity groups.
  • Demonstrate professional demeanor, behavior, and attitudes in the classroom and at the clinical practicum site. 


The Rutgers University A.S. Degree Program in Psychosocial Rehabilitation

PCCC is an affiliate of Rutgers University for the A.S. in Psychosocial Rehabilitation, which is located at the Scotch Plains campus. As of 2013, Rutgers University is the programmatic successor partner organization to University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). Application are made through Rutgers University by May 15 for the Fall term or October 15 for the Spring term. 

Once the student has completed the pre-professional phase of the program totaling 31-32 credits, the student will then qualify for admission to the professional phase of the program at Rutgers University, Scotch Plains campus. The student will register for courses, pay tuition, and apply for financial aid based on qualifying criteria at Rutgers University. Financial Aid applications are made through Rutgers University directly according to the Rutgers University deadlines. 

Admission Requirements. The requirements for admission to the professional phase of the program at Rutgers University are as follows:

  1. Previous admission to PCCC, an affiliate school of the program.
  2. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  3. 18-31 credits in liberal arts and General Education (according to affiliate curriculum requirements) including completion of English composition. *
  4. All official college transcripts.
  5. New Jersey College Basic Skills Test Scores and basic skills courses completed.
  6. Minimum GPA of 2.5 for college-level courses. 

There are special admission requirements for this program. 

To learn more about the Associate of Science Degree in Psychosical Rehabilitation, please contact:

Peter Basto, Program Director
Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey 
School of Health Related Professions
Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Counseling Professions
1776 Raritan Road
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076


The program website address: http://shrp.rutgers.edu/dept/psyr/index.html

* PCCC students are required to complete 31-32 credits according to the PCCC-Rutgers University affiliation agreement. 


General Education Requirements (Pre-Professional Phase - At PCCC)(31 - 32 credits)

Code Name Credits
Communication (9 credits)
EN 101 Composition I 3
EN 102 Composition II 3
Choose one (1) of the following courses  (3 credits)
ENS 104 Speech Fundamentals 3
ENS 106 Public Speaking 3
Mathematics (3 - 4 credits)
Choose one (1) course from the following categories  (3 - 4 credits)
Category 2 - Mathematics 3 - 4
Science (4 credits)
BS 100 Human Biology 4
Technology (3 credits)
Choose one (1) of the following courses  (3 credits)
CIS 101 Computer Concepts and Applications 3
CIS 107 Information Technology Fundamentals and Applications 3
Social Science (9 credits)
PS 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SO 105 Social Problems 3
Humanities (3 credits)
PH 106 Introduction to Ethics 3

Core Requirements (Professional Phase - At Rutgers, Scotch Plains, NJ)(30 credits)

Code Name Credits
PSRT 1101 Introduction to the Principles of Psychosocial Rehabilitation 3
PSRT 1102 Communication Techniques 3
PSRT 1103 Group Intervention for People with Disabilities 3
PSRT 1204 Clinical Principles in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment 3
PSRT 2121 Community Resource Management 3
PSRT 2231 Emerging Topics in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment 3
PSRT 1019 Clinical Practicum in Psychiatric Rehabilitation I B 6
PSRT 2019 Clinical Practicum in Psychiatric Rehabilitation II 6

Total Credits 61 - 62