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Certificate of Achievement

Fitness Specialist

The Fitness Specialist Certificate program prepares students for employment in corporate and commercial health fitness centers.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Instruct clients in a wide variety of fitness and recreational activities.
  • Develop and design a healthy lifestyle program for the average adult.
  • Perform CPR and emergency first aid when necessary.

First Semester(10 credits)

Code Name Credits
BS 100 Human Biology 4
BS 103 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
PE 114 First Aid, CPR, and Safety Education 3
PE 116 Concepts of Fitness and Wellness 3

Second Semester(11 credits)

Code Name Credits
BS 201 Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology 4
PE 119 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3
SC 103 Nutrition 4

Total Credits 21