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Certificate of Achievement

Field Service Technician

This Field Service Technician Certificate of Achievement is intended for those students interested in entry level technician positions needed to assemble, program, and perform diagnostic testing in electronic systems such as home security systems, automatics HVAC system control, smart appliances, and renewable energy control systems. Courses in this certificate program are intended for “hands-on” learning that will enhance analytical skills useful for electronic technicians. The certificate covers the fundamental understanding of Embedded Processor Design and Programming and includes courses which are designed to integrate knowledge of microcontrollers and their application in various electronic systems.

This certificate will prepare students for employment with job titles such as Electrical and Electrical Engineering Technicians, Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers and Repairers, Security and Fire Alarm System Installers, and Industrial Engineering Technicians. 

Graduates will be able to:

  • Select standard automation control and output devices to PLC input and output modules.
  • Write automation control programs using instructions from the following categories: inputs, outputs, timers, counters, arithmetic, and move operations, comparison operations, program control, and data addressing.
  • Develop control programs using the four language formats defined in the IEC-611131-3 standards.
  • Model industrial networks for factory floor applications.
  • Apply troubleshooting and documentation techniques to Automation and Control systems.

Certificate Requirements(16 credits)

Code Name Credits
ES 101 Introduction to Engineering 2
CIS 107 Information Technology Fundamentals and Applications 3
ET 101 Fundamentals of CAD 3
ET 226 Digital Circuits 4
ET 228 Programming the Microcontroller for Applications 4

Total Credits 16