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Certificate of Achievement

Automation and Control

This Automation and Control Certificate of Achievement is intended for those students interested in gaining knowledge and technical skills in operating, programming, and troubleshooting Automation and Control Process used in Manufacturing, Fluid, Electromechanical and Bottling process.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Select standard automation control and output devices to PLC input and output modules.
  • Write automation control programs using instructions from the following categories: inputs, outputs, timers, counters, arithmetic, and move operations, comparison operations, program control, and data addressing.
  • Develop control programs using the four language formats defined in the IEC-611131-3 standards.
  • Model industrial networks for factory floor applications.
  • Apply troubleshooting and documentation techniques to Automation and Control systems.

Certificate Requirements(17 credits)

Code Name Credits
ES 101 Introduction to Engineering 2
ET 111 DC-System 4
ET 226 Digital Circuits 4
ET 230 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller 4
ET 235 Advanced Programmable Logic Controller 4

Total Credits 17