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Career Certificate

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Certificate is designed to give students both theoretical and practical knowledge in Homeland Security and Emergency Management that will prepare them to pursue careers at the local, state, and federal levels of government or in the private sector.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Distinguish what activities are associated with each phase of emergency management.
  • Differentiate between the roles and responsibilities of key organizations in each phase of emergency management.
  • Explain the historical evolution of emergency management.
  • Explain the ethical responsibilities of emergency managers.

General Education Requirements(12 credits)

Code Name Credits
Communication (3 credits)
EN 101 Composition I 3
Technology (3 credits)
CIS 101 Computer Concepts and Applications 3
Social Sciences, Humanities, and Diversity (6 credits)
Choose two (2) courses from the following categories  (6 credits)
Category 7 - History 3
Category 8 - Diversity 3

Major Requirements(3 credits)

Code Name Credits
Choose one (1) of the following courses
CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
FS 101 Principles of Emergency Services 3
HLS 104 Introduction to Homeland Security 3

Emergency Management Career Courses(12 credits)

Code Name Credits
CJ 209 Terrorism and Political Violence 3
CJ 214 Emergency Management and Response 3
Choose two (2) courses from Criminal Justice, Fire Science, or Homeland Security 6

Free Elective(3 credits)

Code Name Credits
Choose one (1) college level course 3

Total Credits 30