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Certificate of Achievement

Basic Video Production

This certificate program provides students with an understanding of basic video production and editing. Instruction includes field and studio production of video content. After completion of this certificate, students will have the basic knowledge and understanding of video production to produce their own content for use in on-line and social media environments. Students may also choose to continue on to our thirty (30) credit career certificate in Video Production, and eventually go on to complete our A.A.S. degree in Digital Media Production and Distribution.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the preproduction process, including the planning and scripting of digital video productions.
  • Display the video production process, including camera and lighting as it pertains to studio and field production.
  • Utilize basic techniques in digital video editing process.

Certificate Requirements(12 credits)

Code Name Credits
COM 101 Introduction to Mass Media 3
COM 102 Legal and Ethical Issues in Mass Communication 3
COM 103 Foundations of Communication Theory and Media Design 3
COM 104 Video Production 3

Total Credits 12