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Career Certificate

Criminal Justice

This Certificate is designed for employment in criminal justice and positions in private security. Credits earned toward this Certificate may be applied toward the Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts Degree, Criminal Justice Option, the Associate in Science Degree in Homeland Security, or the Associate in Applied Science in Criminal Justice Degree, Criminal Justice Option.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between criminal and deviant acts.
  • Explain the underlying principles of the classical school of criminological thought.
  • Explain the relationship between personality and criminal behavior.
  • Explain the influence of the organization and structure of society to crime.

General Education(15 credits)

Code Name Credits
Social Sciences, Humanities, and Diversity
Choose two (2) courses from the following categories
Category 5 - Social Science 3
Category 6 - Humanities 3
Category 7 - History 3
Category 8 - Diversity 3
Communication (6 credits)
EN 101 Composition I 3
Choose one (1) of the following courses
EN 102 Composition II 3
ENS 106 Public Speaking 3
Choose one (1) of the following courses
CIS 101 Computer Concepts and Applications 3
CIS 107 Information Technology Fundamentals and Applications 3

Major Requirements(3 credits)

Code Name Credits
Choose one (1) of the following courses
CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
HLS 104 Introduction to Homeland Security 3

Criminal Justice Career Courses(6 credits)

Code Name Credits
CJ 106 Criminal Law of New Jersey 3
CJ 208 Criminology 3

Free Elective(6 credits)

Code Name Credits
Choose two (2) college-level courses 3

Total Credits 30