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Career Certificate

Information Technology - Network Administration

This Career Certificate is for those students seeking technical computer training to obtain a position without completing all of the General Education requirements for the Associate Degree.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts and theories of Information Technology (Networking, Security, Databases, Information Literacy).
  • Apply various problem-solving and critical-thinking techniques to develop algorithmic solutions.
  • Utilize productivity software suitable for use in a professional environment.
  • Demonstrate communication skills, professionalism, and ethical behavior as an Information Technology professional in a culturally diverse business environment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of networking technologies including Addressing, Protocol, Services, Monitoring, Name, Resolution, Design, Wireless and Standard.
  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge of implementing networking systems (Networking Operating System (NOS), Physical Devices, Security tools and Troubleshooting Hardware/Software.
  • Demonstrate skills required to manage Network Resources including User Accounts, policies, permission WORKGROUP, Domain elements, Security and recovery.


A grade of "C" or higher is required in all CIS courses.

General Education(6 credits)

Code Name Credits
Communication (6 credits)
EN 101 Composition I 3
EN 102 Composition II 3

Certificate Requirements(20 credits)

Code Name Credits
CIS 106 Linux Fundamentals 1
CIS 107 Information Technology Fundamentals and Applications 3
CIS 108 Programming Fundamentals 3
CIS 125 Microcomputer Software I 3
CIS 165 Fundamentals of C++ Programming 4
CIS 180 Networking Essentials 3
CIS 290 Database Fundamentals 3

Option Requirements(12 credits)

Code Name Credits
CIS 281 Network Administration I 3
CIS 282 Network Administration II 3
CIS 283 Networking Infrastructure 3
CIS 286 Networking Security Fundamentals 3

Total Credits 38