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Student Affairs

The Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success (CSS) provides students with easy access to an integrated, seamless, and holistic system of support services, including academic planning, advising, career services, college transfer and job placement.

The Center for Student Success engages and empowers students to be active participants throughout their educational journey by providing tools, guidance and support that encourages students to reach their highest level of personal development, academic achievement and life planning.

To ensure effective advisement campus wide, the CSS provides academic guidance to students, and information and referrals to the general campus community. We see students by appointment or as walk-ins, or students can attend student success workshops, or access information on our website. Students with a quick question may contact an advisor at success@pccc.edu.


Academic Planning and Advising

Advising is part of the educational process at Passaic County Community College. It is a shared responsibility between students, faculty, and staff. The CSS staff is dedicated to facilitating an advisement process that connects students to supportive personnel and resources; encouraging self-understanding, informed decision making, and student success.  Students meet with advisors in the Center to choose a major, select courses, review degree requirements, learn about academic policies, and get information on transferring to four-year institutions.


Career Services

A variety of career services are available to students at PCCC. The career development process begins the moment a student enters college. Therefore, all students are encouraged to visit the office periodically to discuss their future plans. Career Services helps students gain insight into their interests, abilities, and skills; learn about different careers; prepare for the job search; and find employment opportunities. 


College Transfer Services

The CSS offers services and support to assist students in making plans for a successful transfer to a four-year college or university.  The Transfer Specialist is available to meet with students on an individual basis to discuss their transfer and academic plans. Students are encouraged to make appointments in advance by calling 973-684-5524.


Wellness Services

The CSS offers programs to educate students on wellness strategies, including coping skills, healthy relationships, anxiety, academic strategies, and personal awareness.

Students may face a number of challenges during their PCCC academic careers. The Center for Student Success Staff is available to help students deal with issues that may impact their progress and success.


International Student Services

The College provides services for international students on an F-1 student visa. Services primarily include immigration regulation monitoring and advisement on matters related to maintaining valid immigration status. Other services include academic advisement and referral to outside agencies for appropriate assistance. Students should contact the Center for Student Success for referral to the appropriate international student advisor.