Auditing a Course

Students who wish to take courses but do not wish to receive credit for the courses may request permission to register as auditors. To receive permission to audit, students must meet all admissions requirements expected of matriculated students enrolled in these courses, including any course prerequisites and/or co-requisites. Permission to audit is granted on a space-available basis only after all students seeking the course for credit have been accommodated. Auditing students must pay the same tuition and fees for the entire course as students receiving credit. Veteran’s and Financial Aid benefits do not include audited courses. Attendance requirements for auditing are determined by the course instructor. Intention to audit a course must be declared, and the appropriate form must be completed, signed by the instructor, and submitted to the Registrar by the end of the first week of classes. Changing from an audit to a credit basis during the semester is not permitted. Credit for audited courses cannot be established at a later date. To receive credit, students must enroll in the course in a subsequent semester and satisfy all course requirements.