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Dual Enrollment Program

Dual Enrollment is a partnership between PCCC and high schools where high school students have the opportunity to earn college credits while they are still enrolled in high school. Students taking college-level courses at their high school participate in concurrent enrollment classes. Students who take courses taught by PCCC faculty participate in dual enrollment courses. Either way, students are given the chance to earn college credit before graduating high school.

Whether a student is participating in a concurrent enrollment class or dual enrollment class, they are considered a PCCC student. All PCCC students are responsible for adhering with the rules and regulations of Passaic County Community College. Students and parents must understand that enrollment in courses will generate a permanent PCCC transcript. In accordance with FERPA regulations, written permission of the student is required for the release of grades to the high school or to other colleges.

Dual Enrollment Eligibility

Students wishing to participate in dual enrollment courses are subject to the following requirements:

  • The student should be enrolled in courses in 11th or 12th grade at their high school or if homeschooled provide proof of the same.
  • The student may provide evidence of any of the following:

                                        Cutoff Scores

Valid for:

High School GPA


3 years

11th or 12th grade PARCC


3 years

ACT – Math


5 years

ACT – Reading


5 years

ACT – Writing


5 years

SAT – Math


5 years

SAT - Evidence Based Reading and Writing


5 years

  • The student must have a written recommendation from a high school counselor, teacher, or administrator regarding academic standing;
  • The student must have parental consent to enroll in the course.

If a student is NOT in grade 11 or 12, and wishes to take advantage of a dual enrollment course, the following criteria would be required:

  • High School Transcript
  • Recommendation from a high school administrator
  • Letter from parent/guardian supporting student
  • Formal request in writing by the student explaining the purpose of the request and the appropriateness of taking the course
  • Interview with a College official to access appropriate maturity level

Promoting equity to access for all, several courses do NOT require a student to provide college-level proficiency in English or Math. Please contact the Coordinator of Dual Enrollment to see if the course you wish to take requires a standardized test score.

The Coordinator of Dual Enrollment, John P. Lopez,  can be reached at 973-684-5212 by phone or by email at jlopez@pccc.edu.  Follow us on Instagram @dualenrollmentpccc.  For more information, contact the Dual Enrollment Department at 973-684-5212 or 973-684-5406