Academic Support

Guided Pathways

In Fall 2015, PCCC embarked on a new initiative, Guided Pathways to Success. 

Guided Pathways is national movement that engages colleges in the systematic redesign of their academic programs and support services to provide students with clear roadmaps and support from entry to completion.  Pathways refers to broad categories of majors that are accompanied by targeted support services and interventions to keep students on track toward graduation, transfer and/or attainment of career credentials.                                                                                                             (Completion by Design, 2016)

The goal at PCCC is to address issues affecting student retention and completion through enhanced support services and advisement, and innovative classroom instruction.

The implementation of Guided Pathways is directed by the Four Pillars:

Clarify the Path – Create clear curricular pathways to employment and further education.

  • Simplify students’ choices with program maps developed by faculty that outline a clear pathway to completion.
  • Begin with the end in mind. Assist students in identifying and planning career and transfer goals.

Enter the Path – Help students choose and enter their pathway.

  • Redesign the College Success course to help students explore academic and career options
  • Implement accelerated remediation to ensure students succeed in college-level courses as soon as possible.
  • Develop multiple measures to assess students’ needs

Stay on the Path – Help students stay on their path.

  • Support students through ongoing, proactive advising (see page 10 on Advisement).   Faculty and Professional staff:
    • Help students explore transfer and career opportunities
    • Assist students with developing an academic plan to map out current and future semesters
    • Monitor students’ progress
    • Develop systems/procedures to identify students at-risk, and intervene with necessary support when they go off-track.
  • Embed academic and non-academic supports throughout programs to promote student learning and persistence.
  • Provide targeted, contextualized extracurricular programming
  • Utilization of technological tools for students to easily track their progress.

Ensure Learning – Ensure that learning is happening with intentional outcomes.

  • Establish program-level learning outcomes aligned with the requirements of transfer and career opportunities.
  •  Integrate group projects, internships, and other applied learning experiences to enhance instruction and student success in courses across programs of study.
  • Support effective teaching practices throughout the pathways.
  • Develop faculty-led enhancement of teaching practices.

PCCC Pathways
The academic programs at PCCC are grouped in Pathways, based on similarity of courses and career outcomes. Changing majors within a given pathway facilitates a seamless transfer of core courses, and a minimum of unused credits. PCCC majors have been grouped into the following seven pathways:

Business and Culinary Arts
Accounting                                           AAS
Accounting                                           CERT
Bus. Admin:Accounting/Mgmt/Marketing AS
Bus. Admin.: Mgmt. Info Systems           AS
Hospitality                                            CERT
Hospitality Management                        AAS
Culinary Arts                                        AAS
Culinary Arts                                        CERT
Culinary Arts                                        CA
Pastry and Baking Arts                          AAS
Baking                                                CERT
Baking                                                CA

Education and Public Safety Studies
Liberal Arts: Early Childhood Ed.            AA
Liberal Arts: Teacher Ed.                       AA
Early Childhood Ed.                              AAS
Early Childhood Ed.                              CERT
Child Development Associate                CA
Infant and Toddler                               CA
Liberal Arts: Criminal Justice                AA
Criminal Justice                                  AAS
Criminal Justice                                  CERT
Criminal Justice Studies                       CA
Public Safety Telecommunications        CA
Emergency Management                     CERT
Fire Science Technology                      AAS
Fire Science Management                   CERT
Fire Science Operations                      CERT
Homeland Security                             AS
Homeland Security                             CERT

Health Science
Community Health Navigator               CA
Medical Assistant                                CERT
Nurse Education                                 AAS
Nursing - LPN Mobility Program           AAS
Occupational Therapy Assistant           AS
Psychosocial Rehabilitation                 AS
Radiography                                      AAS
Health Information Mgmt.                  AS
Medical Coding                                  CERT
Medical Informatics                            AS
Public Health                                     AS

Humanities, Media Studies & Performing Arts Pathway
Health Science                                  AS
Music Technology                              AAS
Liberal Arts: Musical Studies               AA
Liberal Arts: Studio Arts                     AA
Liberal Arts: Theater                          AA
Studio Arts                                       AFA
English                                             AA
Applied Writing and Copy Editing        CERT
English: Journalism Option                 AA
Liberal Arts: Communication               AA
Digital Media Production & Distribution AAS
Video Production                                CERT
Basic Video Production                        CA
Graphic Design and Digital Media        AAS
Graphic Design Fundamentals             CA

Computer Science                             AS
Computer Information Technology      AAS
   with Network Admin. Option
   with Technical Support Option
   with Web & Mobile Dev. Option
Information Technology Fund.            CA
Network Admin                                 CA
Web & Mobile Dev.                            CA
Liberal Arts: Biology                          AS
Environmental Sustainability              AS
Exercise Science                               AS
Fitness Specialist                              CERT
Liberal Arts: Mathematics                  AS
Liberal Arts: Nutrition                        AS
Liberal Arts: Physical Science             AS
Engineering Science                          AS
Electronic Engineering Technology      AAS
AutoCAD Drafting                             CA
Automation Control                          CA
Cyber Security & Computer Forensics CERT

Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services
Liberal Arts: Generalist Humanities    AA
Liberal Arts: Psychology                    AA
Liberal Arts: Sociology                      AA
General Studies                               CERT
Human Services:                              AS
   Generalist Option                          
   Gerontology Option            
   Pre-Social Work & Counseling 
   Mental Health Option 
Human Services Specialist               CERT
Gerontology Specialist                     CERT
Gerontology                                    CA
Mental Health Specialist                   CERT
Mental Health                                 CA
Alcohol & Drug Cert. Domains          CA

Technical Studies
Automotive Technology                   AAS
Automotive Technology                   CERT
Technical Studies                            AAS
Plumbing Technology                      CA
Welding                                         CA

Targeted support services and holistic advisement has been established for various special populations, which include:

  • Students who have food insecurities
  • Students who identify as LGBTQIA
  • Formerly incarcerated students
  • Students who identify as men of color