Children on Campus

Children shall not be brought onto the grounds of the College unless they are participating in special activities or courses sponsored by the College.  Children may not attend classes with their parent or guardian. Children may not be left unattended in any College facility at any time nor left with any staff or faculty member.  At no time are children allowed in labs, construction/repair sites, or other areas where potential hazards exist.  There may be occasions when brief visits to the College by children of students may be appropriate.  Children may visit College offices and facilities, other than classrooms and lab, when accompanied by their parent or guardian for limited periods of time when their parent or guardian is conducting routine business at the College. 

In the event a child is found to be unsupervised on college grounds, the College will attempt to contact the child’s parents or guardians.  In the event that the College is unable to contact the child’s parents or guardians, then the College will contact law enforcement.

Employees are prohibited from bringing children to the College during the employee’s scheduled work hours. 

Any student infraction of this policy shall be reported to the Dean of Student Affairs and Services for discipline in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Employees who violate this policy may be directed to leave work to attend to their children and shall be subject to discipline in accordance with current policies. 

For purposes of this policy, children are defined as individual under the age of 16.


Approved: October 15, 2019   F103