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Academic Regulations

Reverse Transfer

Reverse transfer is for PCCC students who transferred to a 4-year college or university to pursue a bachelor’s prior to graduating from PCCC.  It allows the student to earn an Associate’s degree from PCCC by transferring equivalent courses from the bachelor’s program.   To be eligible for reverse transfer the following conditions must apply:

  • The student must have earned at least 30 college-level credits at PCCC (exclusive of transfer credit, PLA, AP or CLEP)
  • The student must have had at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA at PCCC and left in good standing
  • Successfully completed courses that are equivalent to PCCC requirements
  • PCCC’s College Writing Exam (CWE) will be waived for students who complete PCCC requirements at the senior college and have successfully passed a 300-level course.

Process – Students must:

  • Submit a Reverse Transfer form
  • Have official transcripts sent to PCCC

PCCC will reach out to former students each year who meet minimum requirements listed above. Students may also be invited by a senior college through identification by the National Student Clearinghouse. Once all paperwork is received, the registrar will conduct a transfer credit evaluation. If approved, PCCC certifies graduates 3 times a year – May, August and December.