Transferring to PCCC

Students who have earned credits at other accredited institutions are responsible for having official transcripts sent directly to Passaic County Community College, Office of Admissions. We strongly recommend that official transcripts be submitted electronically whenever possible. Students should also submit a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form. Once official college transcripts and the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form are received by the Enrollment Management Division, a transfer credit evaluation will be done based on the student’s declared academic program. Transfer credit evaluations are not completed for students who do not declare an academic program or who have listed “undecided” as a program of study. Transferable credit will be posted to the student’s record. PCCC accepts a maximum of thirty (30) college-level transfer credits toward associate degree programs. Students must complete at least one-half of the credits required in their major at PCCC.

The College may accept a maximum of fifteen (15) transfer credits, as determined by department chairs, toward Career Certificate Programs. In addition, the College may accept transfer credits of up to 50% of the credits required, as determined by department chairs, toward Certificate of Achievement Programs.

Transfer Credit Evaluations are done by Enrollment Management. For more information about transfer credit, see the section entitled Advanced Standing/Credit for Prior Learning.

All decisions made with respect to the transfer process shall be based on the principle of equivalence of expectations and requirements for native and transfer students. For example, if a “D” grade earned by a native student in a specific course is accepted for credit in a specific program, then a “D” grade earned by a transfer student in the same course would also be accepted for credit in that program. If the “D” grade is not accepted for any native students or for transfer students from other four-year institutions, then it will not be accepted for transfer students from community colleges.