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College Writing Exam

College Writing Exam (CWE) Requirement

To graduate from the College, students must successfully pass the College Writing Exam (CWE). Students are eligible to take this exam after completing EN 101 and at least one (1) writing-intensive course required for their degree. Students who do not meet these requirements may still be admitted to the exam with approval of the department chair.  

Students may attempt the examination more than once if necessary. For more information, contact the Testing Office at 973-684-5582 or academictesting@pccc.edu.

A student with a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college in the United States, or a former PCCC graduate returning for another degree, is exempt from taking the College Writing Exam (CWE). Students with a bachelor’s degree or higher, earned outside the United States, are required to take the College Writing Exam (CWE).

Former Passaic County Community College students approved for Reverse Transfer may be exempt from taking the College Writing Examination (CWE), but must fulfill approved equivalent requirements at the partner college or university.

Students are not awarded their degrees from Passaic County Community College until they successfully pass the CWE.  See additional information on degree requirements