Student Code of Conduct

II. Objective of Regulation

This document describes the College’s Student Code of Conduct. It specifies expectations for behavior, the sanctions that can be applied when rules are violated, and the jurisdiction, structure, and operation of the College’s system for resolving conduct complaint cases. It is the responsibility of all Passaic County Community College students to familiarize themselves with these rules.

In keeping with the values defined in our Mission Statement, Passaic County Community College strives to maintain a supportive, open environment where learning and creativity can flourish. Passaic County Community College values honesty, integrity, and accountability. The College must take every opportunity to offer students both formal and informal experiences that foster learning, personal growth, and civic responsibility. As such, its rules are conceived for the purpose of furthering and protecting the rights of all members of the College community in achieving these ends.

Passaic County’s rich diversity defines us and shapes our efforts. Passaic County Community College students are expected to respect all members of the community and resist behaviors that may cause danger or harm to others. All Passaic County Community College students are expected to observe established standards of scholarship and academic freedom by respecting the intellectual property (work) of others and by honoring the right of all students to pursue their education in an environment free from harassment, discrimination and intimidation. Students are expected to adhere to the civil and criminal laws of the local community, state, and nation and to rules, policies, and procedures set forth by the College.