Academic Policies

Distance Learning

PCCC offers both online classes and Interactive TV classes.

Online classes include a wide range of college-level courses including complete associate degree programs in Liberal Arts: Humanities and Health Information Technology.

Online courses are delivered over the Internet through a learning management system. Through discussion forums, email messages, and chat, students interact with their instructors and peers.  Course materials are delivered through a variety of formats including print, audio, and video.

Online courses are ideal for students whose schedules or responsibilities make traveling to campus difficult. Online courses are not self-paced; they begin the first day of the term and conclude at the end of the semester.  Students are able to work at the time of day or night most convenient to them but must adhere to assignments.  Most courses do not require visits to the campus, although some may require a limited number of campus visits for exams.

Online courses cover the same material and carry the same number of credits as their traditional classroom counterparts. Online courses are subject to the same Academic Integrity Policies as traditional courses. Success in online courses requires the same mastery of competencies from students as in traditional, face-to-face courses. In order to succeed in online courses, students must be self-disciplined, strongly motivated, and able to work independently.

The technical requirements for online courses are:

  • Regular access to a computer with Internet access,
  • Familiarity with Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari,
  • Familiarity with email, and
  • Familiarity with and access to word processing software such as Microsoft Word.

Online academic support is available to all PCCC students via Tutor.com.  At this site, professional tutors help students in writing, math, science, accounting, research methods, information literacy, and other academic areas. Assistance is both synchronous (real time) and asynchronous.

ITV (Interactive Television) courses are live classes that are transmitted at a specific time, usually from the Main Campus in Paterson to the alternate campuses (Wanaque, Wayne, and Passaic) as well as to other county colleges such as Morris.

ITV students are able to interact with their instructor and their fellow classmates. These courses observe the same attendance policies as traditional courses