Special Admissions Programs

Health Science A.S. Degree Requirements

Admission Requirements

  1. Documentation of a license or certification in a health science, hospital-based or accredited post-secondary program.
  2. Official transcripts from the appropriate learning institution.
  3. Acceptance into the program by the Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs or her designee.

Transferred Credits and Waiver Stipulations

  1. Transfer students with advanced standing must earn a minimum of thirty-two (32) Passaic County College credits to be awarded towards a degree.  These credits are in addition to the awarded credits for previous training.

        2. A maximum of twenty-four (24) credits may be awarded to students for professional license or certification based on evaluation.

  • Programs between 60 and 99 contact hours may earn 3 college credits
  • Programs between 100 and 199 contact hours may earn 6 college credits
  • Programs between 200 and 199 contact hours may earn 12 college credits
  • Programs between 300 and 299 contact hours may earn 18 college credits
  • Programs between 400 and 499 contact hours may earn 20 college credits
  • Programs over 500 contact hours may earn 24 credits

        3. The number of awarded credits will be determined by the department chair.

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