English Language Studies

English Language Studies (ELS)

The ELS program offers special English language instruction for non-native speakers of English. Entering students must take a placement exam that indicates appropriate placement in one of four levels of English-language proficiency. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are developed to help students attain their personal and academic goals. To develop cross-cultural understanding and to prepare students for full participation in American society, students also study American culture.

The program’s core courses are sequenced and represent four levels of language mastery. Successful completion of each level is a prerequisite for promotion to the next. One elective course offers additional instruction in pronunciation and speaking. To supplement classroom instruction and facilitate language learning, the ELS Program provides a tutorial lab and a writing center for writing courses, and a multi-media lab for reading and oral communication and pronunciation and speaking courses.

The ELS Program is college-integrated. Students are assisted in making the transition to academic programs that lead to certificates and/or degrees. College courses are available to students according to their level of proficiency. To support English-language learners in achieving their academic goals, students are allowed to take certain college-level courses that are paired with ELS courses. Furthermore, students are encouraged to participate in and contribute to the social and cultural life of the College.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Analyze college-level materials written in English.
  2. Communicate effectively on academic topics in spoken English.
  3. Write a well-developed, coherent and cohesive 5 paragraph essay in English.
  4. Identify American cultural values and essential facts about American history and government.

Courses Available in Spanish.  ELS students who are native speakers of Spanish may take these college-level courses in Spanish: SP 108 and SP 205.

Bridge Courses are offered to introduce and prepare students for certain programs of study in the college. Students learn vocabulary, do career exploration and read and write about key concepts related to a specific academic program such as Early Childhood Education, Culinary Arts and Allied Health. Course work applies toward completion of the ELS program.

Paired ELS/ College Courses are offered to assist advanced-level English language learners in making the transition to college-level courses. In the Paired Courses, ELS students join college-level students in a content course, and their work is supported in a special ELS reading or writing section.  Currently, students may take special sections of Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Computer Concepts and Applications, Information Technology Fundamentals and Applications, Child Development Associate I, and Composition I.

Career Certificates. Shorter career pathways are available for ELS students. Most certificates include the paired courses that students take within the program. Students should ask their advisors or the ELS department chair for more information.

Technology for ELS Students.  All ELS students participate in the multi-media lab that supplements all Reading and Speaking/Pronunciation courses. In addition, students have access to computers during sessions in smart classrooms, in writing labs, and in the Library.

ELS Achievement Awards.  To recognize student achievement upon completion of the program, the ELS Department offers an achievement award to students who have completed their ELS course work and six (6) additional credits. The ELS department invites students to apply for the recognition awards in September each year. Awards are presented at a ceremony during the Fall semester.

ELS Sequence.  The chart below shows ELS courses that PCCC offers to assist students in achieving English proficiency in reading, speaking, and writing. In addition to the required core courses, students at the high-intermediate or advanced  level who require more listening and speaking  skills in English will be advised to take the ENP 030 Speaking and Pronunciation course.

ELS Sequence*

Reading and Oral Communication *

Writing Skills *

ENR 020-class
ENR 020L-lab

Intermediate ELS Reading and
Speaking I

ENW 020-class
ENW 020L-lab

Intermediate Academic
ELS Writing I

ENR 030-class
ENR 030L-lab

Intermediate ELS Reading and
Speaking II

ENW 030-class
ENW 030L-lab

Intermediate Academic 
ELS Writing II

ENR 040-class
ENR 040L-lab

Advanced ELS Reading and
Speaking I

ENW 040-class
ENW 040L-lab

Advanced Academic 
ELS Writing I

ENR 107-class
ENR 107L-lab

Advanced ELS Reading and 
Speaking II

ENW 107-class/lab

Advanced Academic 
ELS Writing II



ENP 030-class
ENP 030L-lab

 ELS Pronunciation and Oral Skills

ELS students cannot be two (2) skill levels apart.