Developmental Studies

Developmental Mathematics Courses

Students who enter college with inadequate academic preparation must take developmental mathematics. All developmental mathematics courses (except MA 025 Accelerated Algebra and MA 080 College Algebra Support) have a laboratory component. Tutoring is provided in the mathematics laboratories.

Students who place into developmental mathematics are required to register for that course in their first semester. Once started, the developmental math sequence must be completed in consecutive semesters.  Students enrolled solely in Developmental Education, Developmental Education-paired, ELS, ELS-paired, COL 103, career certificates or short term certificate of achievement programs that do not have mathematics courses in their curriculum, are not required but are encouraged to begin their developmental math courses in conjunctions with these classes.  Further exemptions can be granted by the chairperson of students’ degree program.

Developmental Mathematics Courses:

Both computational and algebra courses are offered.  Students must successfully complete the course requirements with a grade of “C” or higher in order to proceed to the next course, except for MA 080 which is a Pass/Fail course. The courses are:

Computational Level

  • MA 010A Basic Mathematics A 
  • MA 010B Basic Mathematics B
  • MA 010  Basic Mathematics (Combination of MA010A and MA010B)

Algebra Level

  • MA 022 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts
  • MA 025A Algebra A
  • MA 025B Algebra B
  • MA 025 Accelerated  Algebra  (Combination of MA025A and MA025B)
  • MA 080  College Algebra Support


Developmental Mathematics Sequence: 

The number of courses and which specific courses are required depends on a student’s program of study and their placement level, and in some cases the grades they earn throughout the program. Each of these sequences also offers both a traditional route and an accelerated route to completion.  Please see the charts below.


Developmental Mathematics Sequence for Liberal Arts*

Developmental Math Sequence

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Developmental Mathematics Sequence for STEM*

Developmental Math Sequence

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