Developmental Studies

Developmental English Courses

PCCC is committed to the academic success of students. If a student’s English placement test scores indicate a need for additional support in reading and writing, the student must take a developmental English course before enrolling in college-level courses. Students must successfully complete their developmental English course requirement(s) with a grade of “C” or higher to exit the program and take college-level courses. Students may take a limited number of college-level courses while they complete their developmental English requirement.

The two levels in the developmental English sequence are DE 010 and DE 020. In each of the courses, reading and writing instruction is integrated to offer students a contextualized experience of the academic reading and writing demands they will encounter later in college-level courses. While students are enrolled in developmental English courses, they also enroll in a developmental lab that supports their classroom instruction.

 Program Outcomes:

  1. Compose an organized, unified five-paragraph essay with a clear thesis statement.
  2. Revise written assignments for clarity of language and purpose.
  3. Analyze college-level texts using advanced comprehension and critical thinking strategies.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of research skills with appropriate application of the MLA-style citation system and integration of textual support within essays.

Possible Progression through Developmental English Program



DE 010 Academic English I

 DE 010 Academic English I

DE 020 Academic English II

DE 025 Advanced Studies in Academic English/EN 101 Composition I (paired)

Please see an advisor for information regarding DE 025 Advanced Studies in Academic English.