Academic Support

Developmental Studies

PCCC offers an array of developmental English, computation and algebra courses that prepare students to work successfully in a college-level curriculum. Whether or not these courses are required is determined by a student’s performance on the College’s Placement Test and/or multiple measures. Students may take certain college-level courses along with some developmental courses.

The following developmental courses are offered to assist students in achieving college proficiency in reading, writing, basic mathematics, and/or algebra. Academic credit is not given for work in developmental and most ELS course work. In order to assist in planning student programs and to determine full- or part-time status for financial aid and other purposes, institutional credits are used in the same way as academic credits. Only courses that carry regular academic credit are applied toward certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

Developmental English Courses
PCCC is committed to the academic success of students. If a student’s English placement test scores indicate a need for additional support in reading and writing, the student must take a developmental English course before enrolling in college-level courses. Students must successfully complete their developmental English course requirement(s) with a grade of “C” or higher to exit the program and take college-level courses. Students may take a limited number of college-level courses while they complete their developmental English requirement.

The two levels in the developmental English sequence are DE 010 and DE 020. In each of the courses, reading and writing instruction is integrated to offer students a contextualized experience of the academic reading and writing demands they will encounter later in college-level courses. While students are enrolled in developmental English courses, they also enroll in a developmental lab that supports their classroom instruction.

Program Outcomes:

1.  Compose an organized, unified five-paragraph essay with a clear thesis statement.

2.  Revise written assignments for clarity of language and purpose.

3.  Analyze college-level texts using advanced comprehension and critical thinking strategies.

4.  Demonstrate knowledge of research skills with appropriate application of the MLA-style citation system and integration of textual support within essays.

Developmental English Course Sequence:

  • DE 010    Academic English I
  • DE 020    Academic English II   or    DE 025    Advanced Studies in Academic English

In addition to the developmental English courses that students take, the Developmental Studies Department offers a number of support programs designed to expedite students’ transition into college programs through accelerated learning options.

Developmental Mathematics Requirement
Students who enter college with inadequate academic preparation (as measured by placement exams or multiple measures) must take developmental mathematics. All developmental mathematics courses (except MA 025, Accelerated Algebra) have a laboratory component. Tutoring is provided in the mathematics laboratories.

Students who place into developmental mathematics are required to register for that course in their first semester. Once started, the developmental math sequence must be completed in consecutive semesters.  Students enrolled solely in Developmental Education, Developmental Education-paired, ELS, ELS-paired, COL 103, career certificates or short term certificate of achievement programs that do not have mathematics courses in their curriculum, are not required but are encouraged to begin their developmental math courses in conjunctions with these classes.  Further exemptions can be granted by the chairperson of students’ degree program.

Developmental Mathematics Sequence.  The sequence consists of computational and algebra levels (see chart below). Students must successfully complete the course requirements with a grade of “C” or higher in order to proceed to the next course. The courses are:

  • MA 010A Basic Mathematics A 
  • MA 010B Basic Mathematics B
  • MA 010   Basic Mathematics 
  • MA 025   Accelerated  Algebra  (see chart below)
  • MA 025A Elementary Algebra A
  • MA 025B Elementary Algebra B

When a student completes MA 010B, Basic Mathematics B, or MA 010, Basic Mathematics, with a grade of “B” or higher, the student may register for MA 025, Accelerated Algebra, which is the one-semester algebra course. If a student completes MA 010b, Basic Mathematics B, with a grade of “B-,” “C+,” or “C,” the student must register for MA 025A. Nursing students and students who require MA 108 or certain Science courses, must complete MA 025 or MA 025B, Algebra B. Students are required to pass the basic skills test in algebra before being permitted to register for a college-level mathematics course. It is highly recommended that students complete their developmental math requirements within their first year. The sequence is shown in chart form below.