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Academic Support

Tutoring Services

Through additional reinforcement of classroom instruction, tutoring labs assist students in developing language, basic mathematical, reading and writing, technical, and critical-thinking skills. These skills are necessary for a successful academic career in higher education, as well as participation in the workforce.

Tutoring services include open lab hours for students who need extra help in developmental and college-level courses. The services are available at the Paterson campus, the Passaic Academic Center, and the Wanaque Academic Center. In addition, computers are available to students for online labs and other skills review and exercises. Lab hours are posted each semester.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center at Passaic County Community College (PCCC) offers in-person writing support to students taking college-level courses and Writing-Intensive (WI) courses. Computers are available to students in the Center. The Center’s hours are posted each semester. In addition, the Writing Center holds writing workshops on topics such as grammar that are open to all PCCC students at any level.

Writing consultants also work with students preparing to take the College Writing Exam (CWE) in both one-on-one and group sessions. Students who have never taken the exam before are encouraged to go to the Center for information and for writing practice.

Developmental English

The Developmental English Lab provides tutoring and resources to help registered Developmental English students improve their reading and writing skills. The lab is equipped with computers for students to practice their reading and writing skills through computer-based programs. Study session workshops are offered to provide strategies to improve reading and writing efficiency by building students’ vocabulary and enhancing basic reading, writing, and study skills. Students register for designated lab sections and may also schedule appointments for individual or group tutoring.

The Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center at Passaic County Community College (PCCC) is dedicated to serving the needs of the college community by offering tutoring and learning support in a wide variety of subjects. Tutors work one on one and with small groups to help students succeed in Math, English, Science, and the Humanities, as well as work on study and testing skills. College level tutoring is available on all campuses, and hours are posted each semester.

English Language Studies (ELS) Multi-Media Labs

Instruction in the ELS labs is provided by qualified tutors with experience in the teaching of English Language Studies. The tutors assist students in developing and improving their grammar, speaking, writing, listening comprehension and reading skills. Multi-media technology is used to enhance students’ oral and written competence in English.

The ELS Writing Center further supports students who need additional help to improve their writing skills. The ELS Writing Center also offers clinics and workshops throughout the semester to strengthen topics covered in the classes. Students can stop by for one-on-one and/or small group tutoring during the center’s drop-in times, which are available throughout the day, evening, and weekends. Moreover, students can make appointments to see a full-time instructor in the ELS Writing Center. Students are required to attend the labs at least once a week to fulfill their class requirements.

Math Labs

Math labs are staffed by full-time administrators as well as qualified part-time tutors. The tutors’ efforts are supported by a variety of software and other educational resources, each directly related to the students’ course of study. Students in MA025A and MA025B work with their instructors, whereas students in developmental and college-level courses receive assistance with instructor-generated assignments and/or lab-produced assignments that reinforce the skills taught in the classroom.

Virtual Tutoring for PCCC Students

Virtual Tutoring (eTutoring) is available to all students, including those taking online classes. Tutors are available in Accounting, English (writing), Math (from Developmental Math through Calculus II), Statistics, Research Methods, and Information Literacy. Students can “live chat” with tutors via a fully interactive online environment, or they can leave a specific question (eQuestion) for a response. eTutoring also allows students to submit written drafts for review and receive feedback within 48 hours. This aspect of eTutoring (i.e., asynchronous writing support) is the most heavily used form of tutoring among PCCC students.