Academic Regulations

Academic Bankruptcy

Students who attended Passaic County Community College in the past with poor academic records, and who wish to return to the College without being penalized for a longstanding poor record, may declare academic bankruptcy for all courses taken during previous attendance at the College.

Students may declare academic bankruptcy if there is a three-year interim (six consecutive semesters, excluding summers) between the time a student took his or her last course and the time he or she declares academic bankruptcy. A student can declare academic bankruptcy only once at PCCC.

Once academic bankruptcy is declared, the student’s previous record is retained on the transcript with “bankrupt policy applies” indicated. This statement separates the past from the current course work. The academic bankruptcy policy is printed on the back of the student’s transcript.

When a student declares academic bankruptcy, all courses taken during his or her first affiliation with the College are included. Selecting only certain courses is not permitted. Also, no minimum number of credits is required before a student is eligible to declare academic bankruptcy. Students who declared Academic Bankruptcy must be advised by a Center for Student Success/EOF staff member.

Student veterans who declare academic bankruptcy upon re-entry into the College are advised that VA benefits are not paid for courses in which they received passing grades during the initial attendance period. 

Students who seek Academic Bankruptcy must first be advised by an advisor.