PCCC Mission and Goals

PCCC offers high-quality, flexible, educational, and cultural programs that meet the needs of Passaic County residents. The College provides its students with a strong general education foundation for further study and opportunities for career preparation and lifelong learning. Impassioned by our commitment to student progress and program completion, the College strives to address a wide variety of student learning needs through excellence in teaching, innovative and effective use of technology, multiple instructional methods, and developmental and ELS programs that provide access to college-level programs. The College’s supportive learning environment fosters student success and faculty excellence. Through a culture of evidence and inquiry, the College is an effective steward of its physical, financial, and intellectual resources.

PCCC aspires to be a premier community college that leads, inspires, and supports individuals in reaching their educational and career goals in a timely manner.


Academic Quality: We commit to educational excellence in teaching and learning.

Learning: We embrace a learner-centered philosophy, one that guides us in our efforts to improve student progress and program completion.

Diversity: We value our diversity because it enriches our learning environment and deepens our respect and appreciation for others.

Honesty and Integrity: We commit to an educational environment characterized by honesty, integrity, and mutual respect.