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OCTH 1071 - Professional Seminar I

( 0 :0 :0 8 lec/8web/other ) 1 credits

All pre-professional General Education credits Co-requisites or prerequisites: OCTH 1032, 1039, and 1053.

Professional Seminar I is the first of two that support the student’s transition to Level II Fieldwork and OT Practice. This seminar highlights the roles, professional conduct and responsibilities of the OTA including working within a team and supervisory relationship. The course focuses on the knowledge necessary to assist with the management of OT including understanding legislation, regulations and ethics, reimbursement systems and documentation requirements, quality improvement, program development, and marketing. Students complete the NBCOT OTA Knowledge Exam before the start of the fall semester as a first step in preparing for the NBCOT Certification Exam for the OTA.