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OCTH 1051 - Principles and Practices I: Wellness and Mental Health

( 0 :0 :0 15 lec/30 lab ) 2 credits

All pre-professional General Education credits Co-requisites or prerequisites: OCTH 1029, 1040, and 1052; PSRT 1103.

Building from the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process(3rd ed.), this course focuses on  Wellness and Mental Health and the importance of evaluating Occupation, Client Factors and Performance Patterns for effective outcomes in a variety of practice settings. This course enables students to understand how mental health and substance use challenges impact Occupation, Client Factors, Performance Skills (sensory, perceptual, coping and communication and social) and Performance Patterns (roles, habits, routines and rituals). Students gain an understanding of OT process including the evaluations and observational approaches necessary to select interventions and modalities offered by OT practitioners and other healthcare professionals. Students participate in classroom lectures and discussions, lab activities, as well as complete assignments. This course will prepare students to engage and involve persons with mental, emotional and social challenges in the OT process as a means for  improved occupational performance, quality of life, health and wellness, social participation,  self advocacy and role competence.