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OCTH 1020 - Occupational Performace and Participation: Skills and Client Factors

( 0 :0 :0 30 lec/30 lab ) 3 credits

All pre-professional General Education credits Co-requisites or prerequisites: OCTH 1010, 1019, and 1031; PSRT 1102.

Using the structure and terminology of the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework –III, this course focuses on the person factors that contribute to occupational performance, expanding upon foundational coursework in the structure and function of the human body, and human development across the lifespan.  Students learn to recognize sensory-perceptual and motor skills used in daily activities, and to understand how underlying body functions and structures in part support abilities and skills. An emphasis is placed on the subjective sense of doing and the unity of mind and body when observing, discussing, analyzing, and participating in activities and occupations. Laboratory sessions concentrate on developing therapeutic touch and handling while gathering information on person factors including joint range of motion, gross muscle strength, postural control, sensation, and sensory processing.