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OCTH 1019 - Level One Fieldwork A: Intergration and Practice Applications

( 0 :0 :0 60 clin/1web/other ) 1 credits

All pre-professional General Education credits Co-requisites or prerequisites: OCTH 1010, 1020, and 1031; PSRT 1102. 

The first of three Level I Fieldwork courses in the OTA curriculum. Students are assigned to a healthcare, educational, or other community setting where they observe and interact with clients across the lifespan under the supervision of an occupational therapist or an occupational therapy assistant and his or her OT supervisor. This first fieldwork experience develops understanding of how various bio-psychosocial conditions can impact an individual’s occupational performance and participation.  Students gather information about client’s occupational history, observe and describe factors that support or hinder occupational performance, and may assist the occupational therapy professional in providing occupation based interventions. Students have the opportunity to practice professional communication and interpersonal skills through interactions with clients, supervisors, and team members. A classroom based pre and post fieldwork seminar clarifies assignments, guides professional skill development, and is used to assess the competencies developed during the combined semester coursework.