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RM 209 - Restaurant Management

( 2 :0 :0 ) 2 credits

This course focuses on Hospitality and Restaurant Management topics. Students will learn restaurant leadership skills and how to effectively communicate with employees to facilitate employee performance and teamwork. They will learn to manage employee work schedules, daily operations, meetings and compensation programs. Employee retention and termination will also be discussed.

The texts and final exams are part of the ManageFirst® Program from the National Restaurant Association (NRA). This course provides students with marketable skills for a career with the Restaurant and Foodservice industry. Students also take the National Restaurant Association ServSafe Exam in Food Safety and the Alcohol Exam to receive NRA-branded certificates. By completing 4 Core topics and 1 Foundation Topic of ManageFirst® Program students can achieve the Foodservice Management Professional® (FMP®) credential. This course completes 1 core topic and 1 foundation topic of that program.

RM 105 - Dining Room Service
RM 205 - Foodservice Human Resources Management & Supervision