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MU 136 - Applied Music II

( 1 :0 :0 ) 1 credits

This course is the second in a five part sequence of one-on-one, instrumental or vocal instruction for novice students in “classical” styles; it canvases American music styles, such as blues, gospel, country, folk, jazz, rock, and pop, as well as music from other cultures. Emphasis is placed on building on the expression, technique, and basic musicianship. Students meet one-on-one with the instructor each week.

NOTE: Private instruction is listed each semester in the schedule as TBA (to be arranged). Weekly lesson times are arranged among instructors and students after registration. The study of musical instruments, which includes voice, guitar, keyboard, bass, percussion, strings, woodwinds, and brass is recursive in nature; therefore, students are encouraged to complete multiple courses in the sequence. 

MU 135 - Applied Music I

NOTE: Minimum grade C, E, or T