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CIS 289 - Computer Forensics and Investigations

( 4 :0 :0 ) 4 credits

This course introduces the field of Computer Forensics with a comprehensive study of computer forensics and investigative tools and techniques. It also introduces students to computer forensics and investigations and how they relate to corporate, civil, and criminal investigations. Students are introduced to the overall investigative process, digital evidence preservation, image recovery; email investigations, network defense, and countermeasures techniques. Students will use several computer forensic tools. This course provides a range of laboratory and hands-on assignments that teach students about theory as well as the practical application of computer forensic investigation. The course is mapped to the objectives of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (ACIS) certification. Offered nights only in Fall.

CIS 286 - Networking Security Fundamentals
CJ 105 - Investigative Function