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GD 294 - Internship Program

( 0 :0 :6 ) 2 credits

Cross listed as CIS 294. 

This course gives students the opportunity to work as an intern in an approved position in their chosen major and specialization. Students will work at a job site for 90 hours over the course of the semester, spread out over 8-10 weeks. Acceptance is not guaranteed; students must show a strong academic history (both in the major and outside), strong interpersonal skills, and have a history of reliability and integrity in the classroom. Students will be required to attend a pre-semester workshop, so early registration is critical to placement. Coursework will include a resume, weekly reports, a LinkedIn profile, and a post-internship presentation. Supervision is provided by the College through on-the-job visits and individual progress review sessions.



30 College credits (with 12 credits
in CIS/GD courses)