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HS 207 - Human Services Program Field Experience I

( 2 :0 :6 ) 4 credits

This course places students in an agency to gain experience with the needs and behavioral responses of clients, as well as a working knowledge of social service activities, responsibilities, and resources. Field experience is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to practice the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom in an agency / institution environment. By working with professionals, clients, and patients, students will learn to function effectively as a member of a social services team. Students are required to attend a weekly supervision class. 90 field experience hours

Note:  Students interested in gerontology should have field placement in a geriatric facility. Students interested in mental health should have field placement in a mental health facility. Students interested in CACD should have field placement in a substance abuse facility.  All other students should have field placement in social service agencies.

HS 204 - Group Dynamics

40 college credits and approval of Instructor.