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MU 171 - Functional Class Piano II

( 1 :0 :0 ) 1 credits

Functional Class Piano II, second semester keyboard, is a course for the development of functional keyboard skills required for a student in MU 161, Music Theory II. Topics include review of concepts learned in MU 160, diatonic chord progressions in all major and parallel minor keys, harmonization of the major and melodic minor scales, resolution of the dominant seventh chord, and harmonization of a melody using all diatonic triads and the dominant seventh chords.

Note: In order for students to register for the next level of Functional Class Piano (MU 270), a productive grade of “C” or higher must be made in this course and in the companion courses (MU 161/MU 181).


MU 101 - Music Fundamentals
MU 160 - Music Theory I
MU 170 - Functional Class Piano I
MU 180 - Ear Training I

MU 161 - Music Theory II
MU 181 - Ear Training II