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MU 161 - Music Theory II

( 3 :0 :0 ) 3 credits

This course is a continuation of Music Theory I. The course will cover harmonic progression including cadences, period forms, non-chord tones, diatonic seventh chords, modulation to closely related keys, and an introduction to chromaticism. 

Note: In order for students to register for the next level of Music Theory (MU 260), a productive grade of “C” or higher must be made in this course and in the companion courses (MU 171/MU 181).


MU 101 - Music Fundamentals
MU 160 - Music Theory I
MU 170 - Functional Class Piano I
MU 180 - Ear Training I

MU 171 - Functional Class Piano II
MU 181 - Ear Training II