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NUR 202 - Nursing IV

( 4 :2 :0 ) 9 credits

This course focuses on the integration of all phases of the nursing process in caring for adults with complex health care needs. Evaluation of care and analysis of the developmental needs of the adult are an integral part of the course. Students are expected to integrate previous knowledge and skills from lower-level courses in the critical analysis of nursing care. Nursing skills and procedures are demonstrated, practiced, and tested in the college laboratory before being assigned in the clinical setting. In the role of care manager, students focus on restorative and rehabilitative measures. The impact of cultural and ethnic beliefs and economic patterns on long-term illness is explored. Longevity, advanced technology, and death with dignity are discussed in relation to ethical and legal considerations.

NUR 201 - Nursing III

Humanities or History elective

NUR 203 - Nursing Transition

Sociology elective