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NUR 201 - Nursing III

( 4 :2 :0 ) 9 credits

This course focuses on utilization of the nursing process with emphasis on evaluation when caring for children and childbearing families. Concepts and principles from nursing, the sciences, and the liberal arts provide a basis for family-centered nursing. The concept of continuity of care is expanded to include community-based experiences. Normal growth and development, as well as developmental crises in the family unit, are also considered. The impact of cultural and ethnic beliefs and economic patterns on child-rearing and child-bearing practices are explored. Ethical and legal issues relevant to the family are discussed. Nursing skills and procedures are demonstrated, practiced and tested in the College laboratory, before they are assigned in the clinical setting. The role of care provider is practiced with special emphasis on teaching health promotion and illness prevention.


BS 104 - Anatomy and Physiology II
EN 102 - Composition II
NUR 102 - Nursing II
PS 102 - Human Growth and Development

BS 103 - Anatomy and Physiology I

Humanities or History elective