Fire Academy Trainings

PSA Fire courses

Passaic County Community College’s Public Safety Academy (PSA) is home for firefighter training for Passaic County.  
The PSA offers state-of-the-art training and facilities for firefighting, including an indoor fire-training center and simulator or burn building, used to train both volunteer and career firefighters in keeping our communities safe. Please call (973) 304-6024 or (973) 304-6025 or email for information.

Firefighter I (180 hours)                               Firefighter II (100 hours)

Fire Officer 1 (40 hours)                               Fire Officer 2 (40 hours)

NFA Safety Officer (16 hours)                      NFA Bldg. Construction (12 hours)

NFA  Fire Ground Tactics (24 hours)            Fire Instructor 1 (40 hours)

Fire Instructor 2 (40 hours)                           Drill Ground Instructor (8 hours)

Engine Company Ops (12 hours)                  Ladder Company Ops (12 hours)

Bailout Training (4 hours)                             CEVO (6 hours)

Confined Space Awareness (4 hours)          Confined Space Operations (16 hours)

RIC Operations (40 hours)                            Ropes (16 hours)

Basic Vehicle Extrications (12 hours)          Mask Confidence (8 hours)

ICS 100 (3 hours)                                          ICS 200 (12 hours)

ICS 300 (24 hours)                                        ICS 400 (16 hours)

Right to Know (2 hours)                               Blood Borne Pathogens (2 hours)

Pump Operations (12 hours)                        Fire Police (8 hours)


Live Burn Building and Props


Burn Bldg, Fire and Smoke (4 hours)            Burn Bldg, Smoke only (4 hours)

Burn Bldg, no fire or smoke (4 hours)           Vent Bldg. (4 hours)

Confined Space Manhole (4 hours)                Drafting Pit (4 hours)

Forcible Entry Doors (4 hours)                       Natural Gas Meter Pit (4 hours)

Fire Extinguisher Simulator (4 hours)           Car Fire Simulator (4 hours)

Tank Fire Simulator (4 hours)                        Split Flange (4 hours)

BBQ Grill Fire Simulator (4 hours)                 Christmas Tree Simulator (4 hours)

Class B Fire Simulator (4 hours)                    Additional Instructors (4 hours)      


Documents & Forms

PSA Firefighter Facility Request Form
PSA Firefighter Training Application