Public Safety Academy

Trainings for Groups (By Request)

In addition to the courses listed previously, the following classes are available for delivery at your place of business or at our facilities upon your request. Please call (973) 304-6022 for information.

Firefighter I (135 hours)

Firefighter II (84 hours)

Company Officer Course (80 hours)

Arson Detection for the First Responder (15 hours)

Automobile Firefighting (6 hours)

Building Construction Principles: Fire Resistive & Non-Combustible (15 hours)

Building Construction Wood & Ordinary (21 hours)

Critical Incident Stress Management (3 hours)

Electrical Emergency Response (PSE&G) (3 hours)

Elevator Rescue Lecture (3 hours)

Emergency Response to Terrorism: Tactical Considerations for Company Officers (16 hours)



Any First Aid Squad desiring in house training is encouraged to contact the Public Safety Academy and courses can be set up to accommodate your needs with training at your facility.

Coming Soon:

  • Summer Emergencies – drowning, heat related, diving, bicycle/skateboard, animal, bites, fireworks, allergy issues
  • Opiate Overdose Narcan program
  • Stroke Awareness Time is Brain
  • Diabetic Emergencies
  • EMT Pharmacology

Call for further details, 973-304-6022, or email: