Grant-funded Programs

Digital Literacy and Resiliency Training Program

The Digital Literacy and Resiliency Training Program will have a competency-based instructional design that provides career training and pathways exploration. Academic skills will be developed through a robust contextualized curriculum, which integrates technology and comprehensive student supports. The five resiliency competencies created by the Northeast Resiliency Consortium: Critical Thinking, Adaptability, Self-Awareness, Reflective Learning, and Collaboration, will also be strategically woven into the daily curriculum of the program. Career-related Community Work Experience Program (CWEP) placements will be an integral part of each TANF participant’s day through partnerships with local employers and the Workforce system.


This program will introduce students to the fundamentals of various technologies and their components as well as develop students’ core academic and employability skills to prepare them to enter training programs that will lead to employment with family sustaining wages and a career pathway.